Narratives from North and South Europe

Narratives from North and South Europe

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Annual Conference of Youth Studies 2016: Global Responsibility in Youth Research

In the XV Annual Conference of Finnish Youth Studies "Global Responsibility in Youth Research", global migration and movement will be addressed from the perspective of young people and youth studies. The conference aims at critical discussion about the global responsibility of youth research. The focus of youth studies will be challenged by questioning the geographical emphasis and methodological premises of Western youth studies. Read more about the conference here. I’ve presented the research methodology and approach in the session “Education and Youth Transitions” and pointed out the lack of qualitative studies. Beyond quantitative socio-demographic data, there is little qualitative empirical material for a deeper understanding of students’ overall experience from an authentically narrative and comparative slant. Furthermore, existing studies tend to suffer from separation into distinct disciplines (sociology, social anthropology, communication, education, psychology, cultural studies, ethnography) and thematic fields (youth, human development, mobility studies, cultural globalization, education).

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