Narratives from North and South Europe

Narratives from North and South Europe

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Omnivores vs. Veg-Veg (Vegetarians/Vegans)

The preliminary analysis of international students’ narratives has shown the importance of food in their cultural experience abroad. Thus, I decided to co-organize (with a start-up on grass-fed cattle, Carne Italiana) introduce and chair the debate Omnivores vs Veg/Veg (Vegetarians, Vegans) A qualcuno piace carne” (Some Like Meat)
The debate starred two popular Italian journalists, Giuseppe Cruciani and  Giulia Innocenzi. The debate had an impressive audience on Facebook. 65,400 people were reached, 8,900 interacted with the post, 19,000 watched the debate from beginning to end, 867 comments were left and the debate was shared 76 times.
Here you can find a short introduction to the debate (in Italian).